Ep15 – Pokémon Presents Reactions

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Welcome to Game Together

We play video games, we talk about video games and we believe that ‘family game’ doesn’t have to mean ‘lame’.

We talk about all matters gaming and family. How do you maintain a hobby as time consuming as gaming in the face of parenthood.

And most importantly we hear from our junior gamers about the games they love, what they’re enjoying and they’ll probably teach us something along the way…

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  • Ep.13 – Minecraft, Roblox & what we love about video games – with Special Guest Olly

    This week, Lois is taking a break and James is joined by his amazing nephew, Olly. After 13 episodes, we finally get to talk about Minecraft with someone who really […]

  • Ep12 – Nintendo at E3 Reactions

    This week Lois and James are joined once again with Elsie for a review of Nintendo's E3 Showing. There were a lot of great announcements, some fabulous previews and everything is made more exciting when viewed through the eyes of a child, not a jaded old video gamer! Lois loves Monter Hunter Stories 2, Elsie can't wait for Mario Party and James is excited for Breath of the Wild 2. It's out a little late, but it's no less great so we hope you enjoy it. Please do give the podcast a follow/subscribe, we really appreciate it Find out more at www.gametogether.co.uk

  • Ep.11 – The Best Games to Play Together on XBox GamePass

    This week we've plunged deep into the world of Xbox Game Pass, one of the best deals in gaming today (we're not being paid to say that!) looking for the best games to play together.

    We uncovered some absolute gems like Phoggs & Rain on Your Parade which are well worth a look - they're available on other platforms of course, but Xbox Game Pass is a great place to check out games you might otherwise skip over.

  • Ep.10 Will Knockout City be the next Fortnite?

    We had a ball playing Knockout City this weekend (excuse the cheap pun). We weren’t expecting much and we don’t normally play online multiplayer games but we got into it […]

  • Ep. 9 Questions About Video Games

    We're still very much deep into Pokemon Snap and our desire not to spoil anything means we haven't got any new games to talk about this week, but fear not... enter our lovely listeners who have asked a few insightful question for us to answer. So we're talking about our favourite gaming systems, how to keep gaming when you're a parent and why playing video games is an important part of our lives.

  • Ep. 8 New Pokemon Snap Review

    We've spent the past week playing New Pokemon Snap on Nintendo Switch, and it's fair to say we're loving it. But what's the game all about? Who will love it and who might it not be right for? Lois & James talk about what they're enjoying, how the game could be improved and how to enjoy it together, even though it's a single player game.

  • Ep. 7 Why we Game Together

    It's a bit of a light game week this week as we anxiously await the arrival of Pokemon Snap on Switch, so to kill some time, we got all the Disney Infinity figures down from the loft and took them for a spin. We discuss favourite Disney characters, what we thought of the game and how to get it working on the PS5 in 2021! We also chat about a subject close to our hearts - why we Game Together. What we like about it (and the pitfalls to avoid) for all concerned. If you enjoy the show, please do follow us on your platform of choice and as always you can find out more in the usual places

  • Ep. 6 Animal Crossing Beginners Tips and Sackboy

    We're also taking a look back at one of our favourite games; Animal Crossing. Why do we love it, is it just a real life simulator, can it teach you to camp? We're also detailing a selection of top tips for beginners starting out on an Island Adventure that some newer players might not know yet.