Ep14 – Monster Hunter Stories 2

After years of speculation, months of waiting and rumours galore, the new Switch model has been revealed and it is, quite frankly, underwhelming. So who is the new Switch for? If you’re thinking of getting one for the family this Christmas, which model should you go for? If you have one already, is it worth the upgrade? Lois and James run through the details and help point you in the right direction.

Plus, this week (and probably for the foreseeable future!) we’ve been playing Monster Hunter Stories 2. Spoiler alert: It’s already Lois’ favourite game ever. If you like Pokemon and haven’t tried a Monster Hunter game before (like us) this could be the time to start. Settle in and have a listen as we run through our first impressions of the game.

And finally, we’re talking about Trine, an old game that’s on offer right now if you’re looking for something to play together as a family, this is looking like a great choice.