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  • Ep.5 Pikmin, Sackboy and how to get the kids out for a walk

    This week we discuss the exciting news of a new Pikmin game from the makers of Pokemon Go and the Easter update for Animal Crossing as well as playing Pikmin 3 & Sackboy's Big Adventure..

  • Ep.4 Is Mario Party the Ultimate Family Game

    We've been playing Mario Party on Switch since it's release in October 2018 and we only just rolled credits. We love this game so much we thought it was time to talk about it. With a special guest, the youngest member of the Game Together Family we talk about all the different modes, the favourite mini games and some strange analogies for boats.

  • Ep.3 2021 Family Game Preview, Concrete Genie and more Maio

    This week we're taking a look at all the Family Games coming up in 2021 as well as discussing what we've been playing this week including Concrete Genie, Super Mario 3D World, Scott Pilgrim and a little bit of Minecraft.

  • Ep.2 Pokemon 25th Anniversary Special Reactions

    In our second episode we react to the exciting news coming out of the Pokemon 25th Anniversary Presentation. We've got two new game, more information on Pokemon Snap and lots more to discuss. We also look back at our history with Pokemon, which games are Lois favourite and we even have a go at explaining Pokemon to someone who's never heard of it... 

  • Ep.1 – Super Mario 3D World is Chaos

    In our first episode we introduce ourselves, talk Mario 3D World Impressions, Luigi's Mansion and a lot more.